Our Story

Shreeji Enterprise, is a company engaged in the manufacturing of all types of spices under the brand name of "SONET SPICES".

Shreeji Enterprises has been churning out spices since year 2000, which have manufacturing facilities at Metoda, Rajkot,(Gujarat-India) and their products are well established in the market. The active & knowledgeable entrepreneur is now the promoter of the company and display sharpness, enthusiasm and professionalism. Their in detail knowledge, farsighted business policies, has deliberately located Shreeji Enterprise as one of the foremost manufacturer of spices.

Simply take a look at our work, products or system and you'll not hesitate to brand us as a bunch of people who single-mindedly pursue quality. Obviously, our obsession for perfection and unwavering devotion towards the details have led us to new heights throughout the history of our organisation.

In a very short span of our existence, we've showcased the true spirit of a Spartan by accomplishing many varities of products. Today, we've emerged as a front-runner of spices with the help of our trend-setting products and services by catering to different segments.

At Shreeji Enterprise upgrading plays a crucial role with which embrace industrial developments. Changes are made in the technology and processes to meet the constantly changing requirements of clients. Our sophisticated manufacturing ability comprises of extremely highly developed skill and knowledgeable employees.